Jane Webster - CEO and Founder

As an experienced social media specialist, I’ve worked with many organisations and businesses to help them gain a greater understanding on social media to grow their business, raise brand awareness and engage with their clients.

However, in the last year I’ve started to notice just how may clients were now asking questions about other platforms that aren’t typically business apps, like Snapchat and Musical.ly. Specifically around how their children are using these apps and what should they as a parent be doing about it. They’re eager to learn what risks or dangers they should look out for, should they even let their kids use these platforms, and frequently the conversation ended up with the age-old cry of frustration around ‘how on earth do I even use this app?!’

I get it, I’m no stranger to managing technology and kids, I have two children, a teenager and a tweenager, and I clearly see the pros and the cons! Personally I can see the amazing advantages that kids have from being online and being connected to like-minded communities of people, but I’m also well aware of the pitfalls and danger that accompanies this.

Rather than out right banning the use of social media for my children, I encourage my kids to use social media appropriately and safely. I’m present on the sidelines watching and guiding and supporting them. Yes they push the boundaries and keep me on my toes, but this just adds to my knowledge and is therefore great for Code9 Parent – silver linings and all that….!

I wanted to build a place that parents could go to be informed and armed with the tools required to support their children online. The platform is setup so that its really simple for you to log in and find the one piece of information that you’re looking for.

It’s not a formal course. It doesn’t involve you having to work your way through modules, and there is no webinar at 8pm on a work night, because who has time for that!

You can simply login and access the info as and when you need it for as long as you’re a member. And every month we’ll add more and more content so it’s always providing you with more value

Supporting Parents and Children

Our goal at Code9 Parent is to get parents, caregivers, guardians, grandparents, teachers, anyone who is responsible for kids, skilled on the appropriate use of social media platforms. We want you to have enough knowledge that you can support your children, and to provide you with ongoing information and content on both current and emerging social media platforms.

Code9 Parent covers the key social media apps typically used by children in the 5-17 age bracket, by providing information and resources to inform, support and assist anyone parenting children in this age range. By becoming a Code9 Parent, you will learn what your kids already know, what kids don’t want you to know, and how to stay one step ahead, keeping your children safe.

We provide up-to-date information and tutorials for parents and caregivers that will enable you to understand the social media apps your kids are using. Its vital that you learn the common apps your children are using in order to really support them. This will never be more important than when something goes wrong online, as our kids need to know that we have the knowledge to be able to help them.

The content and platform has been designed and built by people who are parents, have expertise in the use of social media and have education backgrounds. It was important to us that we deliver content in an easily consumable format for you. We know that there is a lot to learn to keep up with the kids, so our goal is to be able to bring you up to speed on the appropriate platforms as you need it.

Ultimately this will help you to guide your kids on their social media use.

Education and Guidance

Code9 Parent assists you with the digital skills you need, so you can provide your children with the support they need (even if they don’t believe they need it), to negotiate their way through the various online and social media platforms from childhood through their teenage years.

As a Code9 Parent member you can expect to;

  • Gain knowledge of how to guide your children using social media.
  • Increase your awareness on the potential risks of children using social media if left unattended and unmanaged.
  • Receive regular updates to the content on the site, because these platforms change all the time, plus tools and resources to help you better support your children.
  • Increase your knowledge on the platforms, the ones you know and the ones you aren’t even aware of yet, that will ultimately help you to keep your children safe.
  • Receive ongoing support and assistance.
  • Have immediate access to the new apps your children start using. As children get older they start to use different social media platforms, so you need to evolve your knowledge as your children grow up.