Recently on Facebook there was a post shared to a community page about the bad language strangers use on Fortnite and how kids are subjected to verbal abuse. Playing with strangers online should be a concern for parents as you just don't know what is being said and what your kids are being exposed to BUT there are ways you can work with your child if they play Fortnite to stop them being exposed to this type of language.

This is managed by the “Fill – No Fill” option that players select in the game.

Basically, what they are is:

Fill = Find random players to play with in your lobby.
Don't Fill = Don't search for any other random players.

So – if you want your children to not play and have conversations with random players, they need to select “Don’t Fill”.

This is how it works if they select -- Don't Fill – in the types of player mode.

Solo Players - Does nothing. You play by yourself without talking to anyone else

Duos - If you want to play in a Duos game, selecting Don't Fill means you can select who you play with from your friends list. No one is added as a team mate by the game.

Squads - If you want to play with friends only and don't have a full team, selecting the Don't Fill options means random players will not be added to your squad.

This is how it works if they select -- Fill – in the types of player mode:

Solo - Does nothing. You play by yourself without talking to anyone else

Duos - If you have no friends online, and you are alone, Selecting Fill to find a team mate after joining game. You will get a random team mate. Even if you join the game without one.

Squads - If you don't have 3 friends in a lobby, (4 players) then you can select Fill to get a random team mate into the game. This works also if you don't have any friends online, it will find 3 more people that also had Fill turned on and they will be added to the squad.

So, parents, have the conversation with your children about these settings, and if you are concerned about your child playing with random players, then they should always play in Don't Fill mode.

Lastly, if they are playing in a team with random players and they are exposed to bad behaviour, teach them that it's more important to exit the game than to stay and finish and continue listening/seeing the bad behaviour.

Kids have the option to block players who act badly and then they will not be added to their team in the future. If the behaviour is inappropriate then they can and should also report them to Fortnite.

We do have our free Fortnite course here too, which will give you the basics on what you need to know to help manage your kids on Fortnite.